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Transformative Partnership

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Selecting The Right Partner

We know business leaders want a partner who will help scale and optimize their business. Often, companies are inhibited by a lack of capital, resources, and operational expertise to take their business to the next growth level. At KLV Capital, we bring a transformative multiplier to our partnership that will accelerate your business.

Investment Strategy

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We partner with companies where we can leverage our experience to make a measurable impact.

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Establish A Playbook

We adapt a proven playbook to streamline your organization and take it to its next growth phase.

Our Approach

Accelerate Growth

We focus on revenue drivers and operational tactics that will accelerate growth and build a sustainable model for the future.

Investment Strategy

We’re More Than Just Capital

At KLV, our investment goes beyond capital. We provide companies with an unmatched level of real-world operations experience and proven value-add resources that drive success.

Our team leverages its decades of hands-on experience building and leading businesses to help companies streamline operations, invest in human capital, instill a lasting culture, and accelerate growth.

We are a partner you can trust to lead your company in the right direction.

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Experience You Can Trust

We understand what it takes to build and lead a business. Finding the right partner for growth is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Equally as important as the growth of our portfolio companies is the relationship we build with the leadership teams and the culture we work to instill throughout the business. Our mission is to professionalize the business on all fronts.

Our partners pull from their decades of experience in organizational leadership, strategic growth, and capital investments to guide and support our investments along every step of the way. We have a proven track record of success across a diverse portfolio of companies and have developed a playbook on how to streamline operations, instill a lasting culture, and accelerate growth.

Our Portfolio

Partners & Certifications We Deploy

Our goal is to equip each company with relevant skills and certifications to enhance its overall marketability and industry reputation. We deploy the appropriate top industry certifications across each business to catalyze organizational growth and bring expertise throughout the company.

Optimizing Operations Is Our Passion

Our team serves as a guide to professionalize all areas of a business – from supply chain to accounting to recruiting – we have an expert for it. We place a high value on instilling a positive culture and are proficient in managing investments through all economic cycles. Our aim is to provide each company with a clear and actionable strategic plan that will take the business to the next level.

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