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Building a great company takes more than capital.

It takes creativity, teamwork, and passion.

Founded by business leader and entrepreneur, Vic Keller, KLV partners with founders and management teams to build and grow high-potential companies across the globe.

From startup to Fortune 500, Vic understands the value of building a company and the vision it takes to lead teams towards success.

His unique background has provided him with insight to the real-world challenges and opportunities that growth companies face in taking their businesses to the next level.

At KLV, Vic has built a team that equally appreciates these principles and together they work to realize a growing company’s full potential. Building a great company takes more than capital. It takes creativity, teamwork, and passion.

This experience and perspective has helped each of our portfolio companies achieve extraordinary results and position themselves for sustainable success.

Our Mission

Our core mission is simple. We will only partner with companies where we have authentic knowledge, we will always focus on developing lasting leadership above anything else, and our ultimate goal is to bring true value to the companies we partner with and our investors.

Our Team

Vic Keller

Vic Keller

Founder & CEO
Venessa King

Venessa King

Operations Specialist, Partner
Chrys Nikopoulos

Chrys Nikopoulos

Finance & Development, Partner
Greg Eveland

Greg Eveland

Operating Partner
Nate Schierholtz

Nate Schierholtz

Operating Partner

What We Provide Companies

True working partnership from initial engagement to exit.

Clearly defined path on how we can deliver value to your business.

Urgency to match your timing.

Flexibility in how we source funding.

Proven on-demand internal operating talent.

Established private equity talent and expertise.

Our Investment Strategy

Enterprise value of $5 - $125 million

EBITDA between $2 -$20 million

History of profitable operations

Strong cultures and engaged teams

Growth-stage companies in need of capital

Leadership Team aligns with KLV values

Flexible Investment Structure

Focus on where we add value as a partner

Attractive and defensible market position